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Another black and while jungle picture, this one stars one Clyde Beatty, along with the Hogenbeck-Wallace Animals.   No idea what it’s about as I don’t really feel like reading the back (of the sleeve).

The first thing we see is some scene apparently late in the film, with a guy fighting against some lions and tigers, and we get the credits and then they’re done with.

And we open on a zoo with sullen people walking around and various animals in their cages.  Including some very cute tiger cubs being “bathed” by their mom.  That means tongue washed, I’m sure you’ve seen it if you have pet cats, or are very lonely. 

Elsewhere, some leopard trainer with a very short temper is trying to get a leopard to jump up on a ball, threatening him with “I’ll break every bone in your body!”

Some kids watching note how this tamer seems rather a bad one.  “He couldn’t even train animal crackers,” observes one youth and, for the era, I bet that was incredibly cutting.  Cutting, slicing and dicing into chunks, but enough of food processing references.

Some other guy says the tamer will never get the cat to do the trick he wants him to do, and the bad tamer says Oh yeah?  And he makes the leopard go down into a narrow cage.  And he continues on with the insults and the bad behavior.  Finally, some third guy shows up as bad the tamer is threatening the leopard some more, and he belts the bad tamer a good one.

The bad tamer, named Sharky, claims the cat went for him, but the third guy (named by Sharky as “Mr. Beatty”) isn’t buying any of that baloney.  He says he trained all these animals “without beating any of them up.”

Sharky admits he was doing bad, and he says he won’t again.  Clyde Beatty takes the high road and says, Oh forget it and claps Sharky on the shoulder.  He then leaves, and Sharky goes back to the second guy and says that Clyde Beatty has a lot of nerve for telling Sharky how to do things.  Second Guy tells him ahhh, go on.

Clyde Beatty, meanwhile, goes to the three kids and compliments them on the dog they have.  Kid thinks the dog will bite Clyde Beatty, but it proves to like him instead, leading Kid to assert how swell an animal trainer Clyde Beatty is, as the (unproven) hostile dog takes a shine to this very Beatty.

Elsewhere, a car pulls up and a guy in an Admiral suit gets out, followed by a young blonde lady.  They determine to go tell Clyde Beatty that someone, somewhere is going on a trip, and Admiral (who is Blonde’s father) says she should have “settled up” with Clyde Beatty before “the flight.”  Sure is an exciting day in Clyde Beatty’s world!

The story seems to be that Admiral is going to the south seas, and he won’t leave until she (the daughter) is married to Clyde Beatty.  She thinks this is a bit abrupt and that Clyde Beatty (who is different from other men, because he spends time with animals) might think it rather abrupt as well.  The whole chunk of exposition also contains nuggets such as she and Clyde Beatty have been dating for two years, she’s going with Admiral on his trip, and she’s got fifteen minutes to convince Clyde Beatty to marry her. 

Suddenly, Larry the publicity man shows up.  He does the publicity, according to Blonde, for “the whole circus!”  Wow, all of it?

Handshakes are passed all around as this character, who I hope will play some role in everyone’s destiny, is introduced.  Because otherwise he’s a lot of hot air and is kind of annoying.  And the three of them decide to go see what’s new in Clyde Beatty’s world.

Well, what’s new is a new lion.  Second Guy says he should hold off on training him until he settles a bit, but Clyde Beatty says they’re all in a bad mood at first, might as well get it over with.  The three kids ask if they can watch, and he says sure as long as they contain their dog. 

Just then, Publicity Larry shows up with Blonde, and she and Clyde Beatty make eyes at each other.  Publicity Larry starts to speak, then says “No one has to tell me when three’s a crowd!” and he pulls himself away by grabbing his own jacket and tugging himself offstage.  It’s quite a trick—good thing he works for the circus!

Clyde Beatty and Blonde have a long awkward conversation while the lion is being unloaded.  The lion proves troublesome, somehow, and Clyde Beatty is torn between seeing to the cat and talking to Blonde.  She’s upset because he won’t listen to her, so he says, “Okay, whatever you say,” which I guess means they’re going to get married.  Blonde has this sort of stunned look on her face.

Publicity Larry comes along and asks if she’s going to watch Clyde Beatty break in the new lion, but she says she and her dad are sailing to the South Seas to visit Professor Livingston.  She says she doesn’t want to go, but now she has no choice in the matter, so I guess Clyde Beatty’s answer wasn’t the one she wanted.  But “Whatever you say” is pretty darned open-ended, you know.

We get some scenes of Clyde Beatty trying to thread a chain through the lion’s cage, and the lion trying to bite Clyde Beatty, and the kids’ dog runs away.  Oh, Clyde Beatty’s trying to attach a chain to the lion’s collar, and then a rope to the chain.  This is, eventually, accomplished.  He gives the rope to an underling, and then Sharky comes up after Clyde Beatty leaves to get his gun, and takes the rope.  This sounds like trouble.

Clyde Beatty explains to the kids that the gun just has blanks, but the lion doesn’t know that, and will be totally fooled into being trained.

Speaking of totally fooled, Sharky leads the lion down the corridor like he’s supposed to, but he trips and the lion is loose!  It runs right at Clyde Beatty in the big cage.  The kids manage to snag the lion’s rope, but Sharky makes them leave and he tries to get the rope (so as to get the credit, too) and loses it.  Sharky, I think unemployment is in your future, followed by some scheme to get revenge on Clyde Beatty which will prove to be part of our plot.

The lion attacking Clyde Beatty is pretty well shot, it is either a real wild lion or a very well trained one.  Clyde Beatty manages to keep it at bay with a chair, and he starts firing blanks at the lion which has no effect.  He soon runs out of blanks and stumbles backwards.

Sharky looks really happy at this development.  One of the kids runs off and gets the second blank pistol and gives it to Clyde Beatty, who grabs his chair again and shoots more blanks.  Sharky looks angry now.  Definitely a plot point.

Eventually, the lion is herded back into its cage, and everyone notes how it was a close call.  He goes to the kids and thanks them for their help, and Kid notes how if his dog was still here, Clyde Beatty wouldn’t have needed any kind of a gun.  Quick cut to the cowardly dog, hiding in a trash can.

Publicity Larry and Clyde Beatty have an oblique conversation about lion taming and Ruth (Blonde) and sailing and how you have to be firm with them.  Publicity Larry spills the bit about how Ruth is sailing tonight, so Clyde Beatty leaps into the nearest car and roars off to the dock.

Professor Livingston, who isn’t being met I guess but it going on the trip, is interviewed by some reporters who want to know what’s his quest.  He says he’s looking for some mythical island (Caymore), and when he finds an island that has flora and fauna from both Africa and Asia, he’ll know he’s pretty close to his destiny.  He thinks it’s going to be the “real” cradle of civilization.

In a bit intended to be comic, one reporter doesn’t know what “fauna” means, and he is told it means animals, “lions, tigers and cub reporters.”

Cut to Clyde Beatty roaring along the rear-projected road.  Back at the doc, everyone’s getting on the boat, and Ruth is looking wistfully in the direction which Clyde Beatty lies in.  Clyde Beatty’s still roaring along that road, though.  Unless he has super leaping powers, which he learned from the jungle cats, I think he’s going to miss the boat…unless the “leaving the dock” process takes as long as a typical conversation in this world.

Nope, the ship has sailed, and sailed considerably by the time Clyde Beatty arrives.  Clyde Beatty’s left looking rather dumbfounded, and we fade to black.

Then fade in on a chalk sign, reading, “Call Board – Dress Rehearsal 9 AM.”  And Clyde Beatty is getting ready for this rehearsal, while Publicity Larry looks uneasy.  He says that the “mixed animal act” gives him the “willies,” and he notes that Clyde Beatty is “taking too many chances” since Ruth “ran out” on him.  So I guess this isn’t the next morning or anything.

Publicity Larry rules the mixed animal act is “suicide in the first degree” as it contains lions, tigers, bears and panthers all at the same time.  “The big ones will eat the little ones, and those that don’t get enough to eat will eat you.”  He goes on, “Clyde, you’re the greatest animal trainer in the world.”

”Don’t tell me, tell the world,” says Clyde Beatty.  And then he notes that the act has a lot of publicity angles, which ought to be up Publicity Larry’s alley.  But it’s time for the dress rehearsal.

There’s a barker guy talking about what everyone’s going to see.  Like everyone else in the movie, he takes a long time to tell us stuff we already know about, but since he’d doing it in circus talk that might make it somewhat more tolerable for us, and we’re in a tolerant mood anyway.

And the animals all show up, mostly cats and lions, all looking (sorry) pretty adorable, and he gets them to behave nicely.  It’s a pretty good act, really, but it doesn’t look as dangerous as anyone thought it was going to be.  Looks kind of tame, ha ha ha.

The tigers show up last of all, and they’re a little more troublesome (one gets in a kind of mini cat-fight with a leopard) but they come round to Clyde Beatty’s way of thinking eventually as well.  In fact they do some tricks.  And the bears run around the way bears do.  They sort of waggle their hindquarters as if…well, no, that couldn’t be.

And Circus Owner and Publicity Larry all wipe their chins and cross their fingers and stuff like that. 

Then, Clyde Beatty asks for the lions.   One lion goes in, it may be the one from earlier and he takes a swipe at a tiger (if you have pet cats you’ve seen this kind of behavior). 

Then, in what is the best bit so far, after Clyde Beatty and the lion have chased each other around the cage a bit, Clyde Beatty stares the lion into submission!   It’s a great shot, bravo to the film-makers for putting it in.

There are various “comical” shots of Publicity Larry and Circus Owner wiping handkerchiefs over their brows as each new animal is brought in.  Just thought I’d mention this so you get the complete picture.

Well, all good things must come to an end, and Clyde Beatty signals to the cougars that it’s time to go, and they depart along the tunnel back to their cages.  Next, it’s the tigers turn to leave, and they do too.  Not before one of them rolls over though, and does some tricks.  Actually, they’re not leaving at all. 

And the lion thinks that this focus on tigers is all wrong, so he jumps down and the two of them have a big cat fight (lots of posturing, running around, swatting and deadly hugs).   Finally Clyde Beatty separates the two animals and all seems well again (Sharky, when the animals were fighting looked really pleased, and really angry when Clyde Beatty made it all right again.  The guy definitely seems to have some issues.)

And cut to later, to the first show of the season, and Clyde Beatty’s just finishing up.  Circus Owner and Publicity Larry say it was great and they offer their congrats, but Clyde Beatty’s not up to being praised.  I’m sort of hoping he misses Ruth, because after all this film is called Lost Jungle and everyone knows the best way to get to a Lost Jungle is by boat.  You just sail past those other islands and take a right; you can’t miss it.

Maybe Clyde Beatty’s out of sorts because the title is Lost Jungle, and maybe he lost it!  I bet he is wondering where he put it.  He had it just the other day, and he must have put it somewhere.  He has found his keys and his wallet and his baseball cards and his inflatable Mr. Fantastic puppet…where is that darn Jungle!  It is definitely Lost.  I am going to be in trouble if I don’t find it, since it is rented.

Publicity Larry notes, to Circus Owner, that it has been three months since Ruth left to find a Lost Jungle of her own, and Clyde Beatty hasn’t heard word one from her.  So he is despondent and giving to fruitless wondering while he is sequestered with savage carnivores.  Hey, it could happen to anyone.

But on cue, guess what!  We cut to a storm at sea.  I’m sure this will have meaning to the film.  It had just better. 

It looks like stock footage from some other film, as the ship is a sailing ship with big sails.  (Not big sales.)  And we cut to a group of dispirited boat denizens trudging though the jungle.  The lost jungle.  The Admiral (Blonde’s dad) notes how there’s lots of good timber, so they should be able to patch the ship up pretty quick.  Professor, not known as much beyond an earlier cameo, says it’s just too damn bad he couldn’t release his carrier pigeons, as they would have, you know, rescued everyone by now without the need for heavy lifting, but Admiral pooh-pooh’s this argument by noting that it wouldn’t work. 

And they go and find Blonde, who is tending to some guy who got wounded in this Lost Jungle.  Some Guy notes about how, if it weren’t for Blonde, he’d be as dead as some other guy we never met who was apparently cloven in twain by a lion. 

A lion!  Why, taming those guys is right up Clyde Beatty’s alley!  If only he were here. 

Professor asks if he was sure it was a lion, and there’s a roar that says “Yep,” and he goes off anyway.  Not to be killed, but to witness a fight between a lion and a tiger. 

He runs back and notes that he is now positive “we’re on the island of Kaymore,” which is the only place where lions and tigers can be found “in the same jungle.”  Good thing they brought the prof, to explain the plot, eh?

He’s still thinking his homing pigeons are the answer, though.  Most of them are gone, though, according to some Blonde Exposition.  While the others are building a shelter, Prof’s down to his last few pigeons.  Blonde, though, asks of the latest bird to please convey her love to Clyde (Beatty), and also asks that this pigeon not let her down.  Like, come to think of it, Clyde Beatty did!  By telling her, “Whatever you say.”

And she flips the bird.  And we cut to some hands reading the bird’s message, and it being translated and transmitted by wire, all the way to the “International Institute of Science” where everyone is excited that the island of Kaymore has been found, too bad about that darn shipwrecking, but you know, omelets and eggs and things. 

And cut to Clyde Beatty being congratulated by Circus Owner about the great season that has been, uh, great and seasonal. 

Publicity Larry is all agog about how he’s going to keep topping the publicity waterwheel, but Clyde Beatty avows how he’s going to bring more animals back.   In response as to where, he notes that it’ll be “Africa for lions, India for tigers” and like that.

And, just then, a newsboy is heard, howling about an “extra” which tells all about the latest plot developments.  Clyde Beatty buys one (a paper) and the news is about how some airship is going to rescue the Livingston expedition, which was shipwrecked on the “Lost ‘ Island of Kamor.”  (Finally, a spelling.)

Clyde Beatty expresses his opinion that he should go there to not only get animals, but rescue humans.  And Publicity Larry takes this thread and seizes it and runs with it to new heights of whatever it is that he does.  Make money, I guess. 

And he gets his way, by claiming rightfully that Clyde Beatty is going, but also somehow claiming that “Kamor” is now a “Lost City”!  Boy, the press back then…is hardly different from the press now, so, uh, never mind. 

And there’s way grainy footage of an airship, and on board is…Sharky!  He tells someone that he is responsible for all Clyde Beatty good things, and that all Clyde Beatty bad things are nothing to do with him.  Some guy wonders why Clyde Beatty brought Sharky along, and Clyde Beatty notes that he trusts the son of a bitch.  Which is what he is, sorry about the use of French here.  Clyde Beatty didn’t say that, by the way, it was me only.

Sorry also about my lack of surprise here.  Yeah, yawn, I’m sure Sharky will turn out to have a heart of gold, blah, blah, blah. 

Well, no matter, we get a montage of newspaper headlines, basically informing us that the lost ship of Captain, Love Interest and Science Guy has been spotted and stuff.  One headline helpfully informs us that “EN OF THE SKIES’ SIGHTED FAR AT” which I hope has meaning to you all.  Me, I wonder when letterboxing became all the rage.  Not soon enough, says I. 

Good thing too, as we fade to some folks listening to the weather channel (of those days), which tells them a huge storm is coming in, but no worries, the airship was designed for just these kinds of storms.  So…yeah, some time wasted.  Sorry about that.

And cut to the Captain, Blonde and Professor.  They’re thinking about releasing the last pigeon, since the others haven’t done anything good, but, they’re good for using up footage. So there is some (dull) debate about whether they should release this pigeon.  I mean, it might be futile! 

Sorry, that was the Great Editor who said that.  Mostly, the Captain said…that Prof might not find the Lost City.  And Prof said, yeah, well, I might not.  So?  And Captain said, Well, the men are ready to mutiny.  (We cut to some men saying just that.)  So, we cut back to Prof saying, “We’ll be back as soon as possible” and handing out goodbyes.  And he grabs a big gun and goes in search of some…stuff, and things, and whatevers. 

And we cut to Prof and some hapless fellow, no doubt ordered to accompany the old fool.  They are at a fallen tree, bridging a river, and Hapless Fellow is a bit afraid hearing some lions bellow.  Prof says, Not to fear, he has his gun.  Oh, good.  He goes to cross the bridge while Hapless sweats over his silly non-useful gun.   Hapless totally looks like he got the fricken’ short end of whatever stick was available, and sure enough, a lion shows up and makes short work of Hapless.  Prof looks concerned at this, but to be honest, it looks more like “Better you than me,” and I hate Prof because he’s making this movie longer.  (Short movies are the best, ever.)

Prof looks at what is (no doubt) carnage, and he…wipes his brow.  Oh, good.  And we cut to a headline that says, “Dirigible Battling Storm in Mid Ocean.”  Yeah, fine.  At this point I’d rather see one that says, “Movie over” but my desires are not on the cosmic plan, it seems.

Well, we get storm footage, and then some footage of Clyde Beatty being calm about it all, and Publicity Larry being worried about it all, and then—get this—some flapper type worrying that the radio is misbehaving!  Ha ha ha, it is…well, my score card says “Funny” but I am going to rebel against this rating.

And the ship moves through the lightning, but it insists on “breaking up” and we get a number of flashing high contrast portraits of those doomed to die, yawn.    The shots are pretty cool, very dramatic, but they have obviously come from another movie.  So, we don’t care much.

And yeah, here comes a headline, about how the airship was lost at sea.  And an interview with someone who says, “We’ve learned nothing.”

Boy—I’ll say we haven’t.  And then some other guy shows up and says there’s no way anyone could have survived.  But no matter, we cut to some survivors (this movie hates me).  And they survived.  How about that!  Where is that knife?

Hello, knife?  Oh, better—a beer!

We get people complaining about how they missed dinner.  Then Clyde Beatty shows up and says how landing somewhere is better than landing just any place at all (Sharky shows up briefly to grin about how he could ruin everything) and everyone decides landing is a good idea after all.  I guess I thought they already landed.  What a sap I was!

Suddenly, though, it seems they are about to crash!  Sharky takes the opportunity to grab a parachute and jump to safety, while everyone else dies.  No, sorry, they don’t die, they find a swell place to land, and there they go, landing.  

One assumes.  As the next shot shows Publicity Larry waking Clyde Beatty from his sleep, to awaken him to a new world, full of weird creatures just waiting to be tamed!  Like in all of Clyde Beatty’s dream worlds!  What could be better!

You ask me?  I dunno!  Publicity Larry and Clyde Beatty are all right and fine, so they howl out for the other members of their rescue op, and find no one, though that treacherous Sharkey is OK, he is just stuck in a tree where he belongs!  And a poisonous snake is after him.  But WHICH is more poisonous!  The man who betrayed everyone, or the snake who is only the embodiment of nature in its, uh, less man-made bits.

Well, you philosophers can chew over that one.  Publicity Larry and Clyde Beatty roam through the jungle, noting the lack of survivors from the plane crash, moaning about how Sharkey is lost too, and he was decent and things (Publicity Larry shares not this belief), but little do they know that Sharkey escaped the snake (good thing it was only stock footage) and he is still up to mischief!  The rotter!  He is not decent at all, and he is sure to cause trouble later in the picture.  Now, maybe he will be eaten by a lion, or be rescued by Clyde Beatty so he can say, “Gee, Clyde, I was always jealous of you, but now I’m your best pal and biggest fan!”—no one can foresee these things! 

And he dashes off through the jungle, and finds two great doors, set within the very living rock of the, er, island where everyone crashed.    Naturally, he opens the doors, and a huge font fills the screen and tells us this is “The buried city of Kamor.”  I hope Sharkey could read that.  Otherwise, he might thing it’s some other buried city.  Anyway, he goes into the buried city, and finds some guy who has fainted on the floor.  I think it’s Prof Livingston from earlier.  He begs Sharkey not to kill him, promising that he’ll go away, and Sharkey, hearing the guy moaning about “treasure” not only won’t kill him, he even brings the Prof some water.  What a, er, evil guy that Sharkey is. 

Anyway, Prof opines how Sharkey isn’t one of the crew who brought him here, but no matter, he’s found the treasure, but he’s pretty badly whacked after the “last survivor” of the lost tribe of Kamor whupped up on him. 

Sharkey wants to knew where the treasure is, but Prof up and dies on him, so he rips open the guy’s shirt and ruffles through his diary.  That Sharkey doesn’t miss any tricks!

Cut to Clyde Beatty and Publicity Larry, they are being bombarded by monkeys using coconut technology.  Fortunately, no one is hurt and now they have coconuts to eat, so, uh, never mind.  Sorry. 

A guy in a bear costume scares Publicity Larry, but Clyde Beatty notes that there are a lot of animals running all over the place.  Why, it’s a zoo out there.  In here.  Somewhere.  It’s a nice bit of stock footage. 

Clyde Beatty finds a spent rifle shell, notes that it is pretty new looking, but wonders how they (he and Larry) are going to find these people with guns who might have (potential) rescue abilities.

Publicity Larry reveals that he is an ex-trapeze artist (something I did not know) and he’ll scale a tall tree and report the intelligence he gathers.  He sees some huts, and the fact that one hut has smoke coming from a chimney fills him with lots of hope.  He, I guess, seems to see some guy with a  pot of potables walking from one hut to another, where some voice announces that “here comes the cook now.”

The cook has a completely different hat when he walks in the door, but no matter, as he relates to the others that, from what I gather, things are coming along nicely and the Captain is seeing reason and stuff. 

And we cut to the Captain, who is asking if his striped shirted friend is siding with the crew?  Striped Shirt mentions that everyone signed on for a six month tour, and it has now been eight months (!).  Wow,  how time flies!   Captain mentions how they’re not going anywhere until Professor Livingston shows up.  Since he’s dead, that would seem to indicate quite a stretch.  Striped Shirt says Livingston was supposed to show up two weeks ago, but he’s thinking a big cat got him, same as some other crew members whose names he rattles off.  But Captain isn’t going to leave anyone behind, unless they’re proven dead I guess.

”Either you’re going to leave him on the island,” says Striped Shirt, after leaning meaningfully across his coffee cup, “or we’re going to leave you!”   He gives a deadline of tomorrow noon, and then walks most unusually out of the li’l hut they were sharing.  Captain follows his every step (helps use up running time). 

And we cut to Blonde playing with a cute lion cub, which she has named Nero.  And it is really the most adorable creature ever.  But, being a cat, it has to assert its independence and it runs away.  She follows, opening the gate, and there is an adult lion which is looking, well, kind of distracted.  I am sure we’re supposed to worry, though.  Like, how much more of this movie is there?  (For the record, I am too scared to look.)

Anyway, she runs through the jungle, and the lion shows up, and she screams, and wouldn’t you guess it, Clyde Beatty and Publicity Larry hear the scream, and run off to the rescue! 

Blonde runs up the tree, and Publicity Larry follows, and Clyde Beatty tames the lion, who runs off rather than admit he was tamed (lion-talk for “owned”).  And there is a happy reunion between the three. 

”I’ll never object to your training animals!” she says.

”You mean, you did object?” asks Clyde Beatty.

“Not at all,” says Publicity Larry.  “She just means she didn’t like it.”

Clyde Beatty asks why, and Blonde says, “Oh, Clyde, you were so wrapped up in your animals, you hardly had a thought for anything else.  Even the day we sailed away, when I came to see you—“

”But darling!” Clyde Beatty says, and Publicity Larry notes that he, himself, should be making himself scarce for love-talk. 

But the love-talk doesn’t go so well.  Clyde Beatty admits he came to rescue Blonde, but he didn’t give up anything to do so.  She keeps wanting him to say that he gave up this or that, but Clyde Beatty frustrates all by noting that he took care of everything before he came to the rescue.  He did give up a trip to both Africa and India, though. 

Blonde notes that Clyde Beatty gave up those trips for lions and tigers, because he knew he could get both here in Kamor.  Clyde Beatty admits to this. 

Even Publicity Larry knows this is the wrong tack.  “Lions, tigers, tigers, lions,” she says through her tears, “that’s all you ever think of!  I wish you’d never come here to save me!  I wish I were…dead!”  And she runs off. 

”What’s the matter with her?” Clyde Beatty asks of Publicity Larry, and Publicity Larry seems to be little if any help.  He contrasts Clyde Beatty with the great lovers of history and spreads his hands as Clyde Beatty runs off to try and do something that doesn’t involve whips, cats and torches. 

Being left in the forest, Publicity Larry notes this state, and runs off to do what he does best.  And we fade to black.  And fade in on some coffee cups.  Wow, this promises adventure of a high order! 

And it’s Clyde Beatty and Larry and the Captain and Ruth (Blonde) all eating breakfast.  Larry, being told the meat he is so avidly enjoying is iguana, which is a lizard, is all put off!  Ha ha, it is funny, because…well, okay, it isn’t. 

They chat a bit about “Sammy” who I am guessing is the lion that nearly attacked everyone in the last scene.  Clyde Beatty offers to help Ruth with the dishes, but she says, “Thank you, but I can get along without your help!”   Ba-zing!   Oooh, that is just ICE cold.

Captain asks if there’s trouble, and Publicity Larry sees this as an opportunity for comedy stylings, which I need not repeat here as he leaves.  Clyde Beatty asks Captain why they haven’t left yet, and Captain says he doesn’t dare leave the crew to their own devices.    Apparently, Sammy has been wreaking havoc, to the tune of over half the crew.  Clyde Beatty asks why they haven’t just tamed the damn lion, and Captain says Sammy is too smart for them all.  Hey, I smell…something useful for Clyde Beatty’s talents!  And also something burning, be right back.

Well, Clyde Beatty reveals he knows something about taming animals, and plus he know how to build traps, and he and Captain agree that if he (Clyde Beatty) can rig some hope for everyone, they might rescue Prof Livingston. 

Fade, and open on a big chest full of jewels.  Sharkey has finally found something totally great for himself, and he’s damn happy.  He picks up a map and says he should start being friendly with the crew of the ship now marooned here.

And cut to that ship, with Captain repeating that the guys have given him til noon, today, is that right?  That’s right, say the crew.  Captain says, in effect, tough dooky, you sail when I say sail.  The crew mutter and turn away, until he pulls a gun on them. 

He notes that they’ve been panic-stricken, but Clyde Beatty is here now, and that is like second best to Superman for all problems. 

Just then, it seems one of Clyde Beatty’s traps has caught a tiger!  He wants to take it back alive and begins fashioning a rope to do so.  And the tiger is caught in the net.  And it is okay.  There were some minor thrills as the crew wanted to shoot the tiger and Publicity Larry momentarily fell into the tiger pit, but they were taken care of and the tiger is rapidly caged.

Man, that was exciting, because, uh, stuff might have happened, and things might have gone wrong, and, er, uh, well, uh, it’s just a good thing Clyde Beatty was there, as Superman was probably occupied, and Wonder Woman would have gotten herself tied up again, like usual.  So, good news all around, eh?

Noting that the tiger has been caught, Captain asks the crew, Say, how about finding Livingston, and they all rub their chins doubtfully—and we see Sharkey stepping out of the jungle!  Ooo, I bet he is up to no good, since, uh, that’s been his role from the beginning.  He peers through the fence around the camp, and sees Clyde Beatty, Ruth and the lion cub gamboling.  He readies his gun, and then Publicity Larry shows up to banter about Ruth and Clyde Beatty’s love life. 

So, who was he going to shoot? 

Anyway, Ruth still hasn’t forgiven Clyde Beatty, but Captain shows up and says how the crew are anxious to leave, but they’ll help search for Livingston as long as Clyde Beatty’s still around.  Publicity Larry smells an angle but I’m as tired of him as you are, I bet. 

Anyway, everyone agrees they should start at the lost city of Kamor (Sharkey jolts at this), and Ruth allows how she saw a map the Prof had drawn in his diary (Sharkey not only jolts at this, he starts to scale the walls). 

Sharkey, looking as damn evil as ever, frees the recently captured tiger.  Clyde Beatty orders everyone indoors, and grabs a chair.  Man, that is the most exhausted tiger I’ve ever seen, but Clyde Beatty falls into the tiger trap, and then the tiger falls in there too, but Clyde Beatty saves the day, by being given a rope by Publicity Larry.  And you doubted he would!  Ha ha ha, loser.

Don’t feel bad, it actually took longer than it did to type this.  Meanwhile, Sharkey is up to mischief, and a male lion scales the walls of the compound.   It’s probably Sammy.  And—good for Sammy!—he jumps Sharkey and claws him good, real good.  Everyone hears Sharkey’s screams, and Clyde Beatty runs off, and lassoes the big cat, and tames him.  Once again, the scenes of Clyde Beatty working with animals are very interesting and authentic looking. 

And, the cat being tamed, everyone goes to look at Sharkey, who I hope is damn dead but you know, when this movie was made, those were different times. 

But hey, I was wrong!  Sharkey is apparently cold meat, as they have found the diary that he STOLE and have seen where the lost city, and the lost treasure are, and have been. 

And…rather than show us this dramatic treasure-finding, we cut to Captain holding a box of treasure, and giving orders to his men to step lively.  Sammy is being brought on board in a cage, destined for the circus. 

Captain asks if there’s anything Clyde Beatty wants other than lions, and Clyde Beatty goes all bashful, and Captain says, “Young man, when I got married, I said, let’s get married, and that’s all there was to it!”

”Dad!” says Ruth, wanting a bit more romance.

”And that’s just a hint, Captain,” says Publicity Larry, in full blown goof mode.  Suddenly, though, there is some problem with the lion, to which Publicity Larry alerts Clyde Beatty, but Clyde Beatty…he is busy kissing Ruth!  Awwwww!

And it is left to Publicity Larry to make goofy frustrated faces, and to the rest of us to make relieved faces as the words “The End” appear!  Huzzah and hurrah!

Well, that could have been worse, but it could have been way better, too.  According to the IMDB, Clyde Beatty was an animal trainer, and someone said, Hey let’s make a movie about a guy and some animals, but we need a star!  And someone else said, Hey, let’s get Clyde Beatty.  It’s pretty obvious the guy’s not an actor, as he’s pretty stiff when he’s not taming big cats.  I mean, he enunciates his lines so’s you can understand him and all, but he doesn’t have a wide range of emotional states that he shows us.  Also, I’m sure the fact that he’s always sticking up for Sharkey is supposed to make us think Clyde Beatty is a stand-up guy, but given the sheer malice of Sharkey’s character, it just kind of makes Clyde Beatty look unobservant at best and kind of dim at worst.

Also according to the IMDB, this was originally a FOUR HOUR serial!  Yikes!  Which makes me wonder why they couldn’t have harvested more of the interesting bits to make this version more, er, interesting.   We have that whole “lost city of Kamor” thing which ended up being a shot or two, while other stuff…like most of the rest of the movie…ended up taking a lot of time in a rather tedious manner.

So, ultimately, I dunno what to tell you.  The scenes of the animal training are great, really good stuff because it’s all authentic.  Sharkey is so mean he’s kind of entertaining, but you have to wonder why Clyde Beatty can’t (or won’t) see this.  As for the bad stuff, the romance thing was dead on arrival, so was the whole “lost city” bit.   The bad stuff wouldn’t be so bad, if there wasn’t so much of it. 

Watch it for the animal footage, bring a magazine for the rest.