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1. Norway Wife. 2. If you met me, then you'd like me. 3. Curly Shirly. 4. Jordan Bennet. 5. Cha Cha Charlie. 6 I Hate My Family. 7. Wanker. 8. Colossal Man. 9. Young, Free and Sorry. 10. Sandman. 11. Mum's Gone to Iceland. 12. Someone Always Gets There First. 13. Mockney Rebel. 14. Kiss The Radio. 15. Never Ending Blue. 16. Secret Track.

Andy Bennett-bass guitar. Johnny Peer-guitar, vocals. Jason Applin-vocals, guitar. Kevin Mooney-drums, vocals.

If I was giving a letter grade to these albums, you want to know a really good way of dropping an entire letter? Easy—put ten minutes (or more) of silence between the last song and the one before that. I can't tell you how irritating I find that; yes, CD technology allows you to do that, but what's the point? Is it supposed to be witty, or clever? Or make some post-modernistic point? Or is it just an insult, or the result of stupidity?

I don't know, but it's a real pity Bennet decided to do this on their album, because otherwise the album is excellent. The songs are catchy, clever and funny and played with enthusiasm and skill. Great guitar work and nice harmonies, and the singing is generally clear and easy to follow. I don't think there's a bad song here, and most deserved to be hits (the band has since broken up). I had a terrific time listening to this one, and if I see another album by these guys, I'm buying it. (I believe they have one more, called “Science and Street” or something.)

It's just that damn stretch of silence. I listen to most CDs in my car changer, and it's a pain to have to keep listening since you never know if you're going to miss something good or funny or whatever. Besides, of course, you have no way of knowing if this silence is ten minutes or ten seconds. What's even worse is that the last song is one of, if not the weakest track here, so the wait was all for nothing.

Reading this over, I see I've spent more time complaining about this silence than I have complimenting the songs. That's too bad for them, but good as the album is, that was what made the biggest impression. It's kind of like watching a really funny tape on the VCR, then when you hit “Eject” it turns out it all unspooled inside the player and ruined it. What would you remember most?

If I gave letter grades, Supernatural would have been a good, solid A. Would have been. Don't you just hate those three words?