May 17, 2004. After putting up the sixth page of the Abandoned Realm, we realize...that we have no more Realm pictures! Well, none in a state of completion, at any rate. Also, we finally added some written content to the Words page.

April 7, 2004. Well, it has been a while. The Abandoned Realm , the work for which this site was originally created, is now up. Actually it's been up for some time now, we're just noticing it here. Also, we bid a fond farewell to ElectroSexuals, who now have their own site. We will continue to supply imagery for them, and they will work on our projects as well.

October 14, 2003. In a sudden, unexpected burst of energy, the page for digital art has been added. Thereís isnít any content, but one canít have everything. Also, some more photographs have been added, and the page redesigned.

September 11, 2003. We have removed one of our links. When Words goes online, we'll explain in more depth.

September 1, 2003. The final version of The Summoning Ritual is placed online.

August 22, 2003. Just to demonstrate how things operate here, the timeline is actually placed online today.

August 19, 2003. This timeline is added, with unannotated memory lapses and mistaken dates.

July 28, 2003. Added a links page. Everyone likes links, they take you away from where you are.

July 23, 2003. Added some MP3s designed to frighten and distress folks.

May & June, 2003. Some things happen, other things don't.

April 16, 2003. More content is added, mostly by adding some images and removing others.

March 20, 2003. Content is finally added, mostly graphics files and HTML pages.

March 7, 2003. We go live. However, pretty much nothing happens for a couple weeks. Nothing public, anyway.

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