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Many of these essays originally appeared at An Island Where No One Lives and Crap and Garbage in Violent Opposition.  They have been adapted and edited for inclusion here.  Others make their debut here.

Essays are presented (roughly) in the chronological order in which they were completed, when that matters.  Since some essays were started and completed while others were still being written, some references here and there will be out of date.

Please note that these essays are seldom considered final versions.  Updates, as well as corrections to spelling and grammar, will be ongoing.  Any major revisions of a particular work will be so marked.




11:18:04 PaintBlog I - The Creation of A Painting, from blank canvas to finished work.

12:31:04 PaintBlog II - The Creation of Another Painting (Still in progress - Updated 7/5/06).

01:19:05 PaintBlog III - The Creation of Yet Another Painting.





12:29:04 Spam Fiction - Notes on things found within spam messages (not actual spam).

02:08:05 Creature Features - Notes on Island of Terror (1966) and how we relate to monsters.

02:10:05 The Way You Wear Your Hat - Zombie persons in our lives and vice-versa.

02:16:05 The Sign of the Four - Four types of monsters: An attempt at categorization.

02:26:05 There's Another Eye Watching Me - Being cool solely for the sake of generating, "That's cool."

03:11:05 Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me.... - Notes On "Millennium" and depressing art.

03:21:05 Half a Loaf - Notes on widescreen vs. pan-n-scan.

04:06:05 Ghost Story - Small bit of autobiography.

06:03:05 Saga and Sagacity - Notes on Star Wars Episode III.

07:26:05 Surprise, Surprise - Playing it safe at the movies.

08:10:05 Block by Block - Notes on Writer's Block.

08:21:05 New Prey Means New Predators - Notes on spam.

09:04:05 But is it Art? - Notes on art and the narrative.

09:07:05 Systems of Romance - Notes on computers, operating systems and human failure.

09:14:05 All that Noise, All that Sound - Notes on Coldplay, downloadable music and audience expectations.

09:21:05 Frame by Frame - Notes on categorization.

12:15:05 National Novel Writing Month - My November 2005 NaNoWriMo diary.